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Grandfather Clock Repair

With over a decade of performing grandfather clock repairs, we have the expertise required to ensure that your clock gets the attention it needs. We perform repairs, overhauls, and preventive maintenance on both modern and antique grandfather clocks.

If your grandfather clock is broken, or not keeping accurate time, contact us and let us help you. We are located in Southern California and offer house calls to provide simple clock repairs, clock oiling, maintenance, or overhaul pick-up.

We carefully inspect your grandfather clock before and after we service it and provide a one year warranty on clock movements that we overhaul.

Grandfather clock repair is a full time business for my family, and we have been in business at this location for eleven years. Clock movements are complex delicate machines and experience does make a difference.

Clock Repair Versus Clock Overhaul

Basically, an overhaul focuses on the entire grandfather clock movement, whereas a repair focuses on a particular issue. Not all clocks are in need of an overhaul. In fact, most clocks require only a minor repair.

After inspecting your grandfather clock's movement, we will recommend the repairs needed and advise you if the movement would benefit from an overhaul. When we perform our 11-step overhaul, we completely disassemble the movement and perform a rigorous inspection.

A strong indicator that a movement needs an overhaul, instead of a minor clock repair, is when the oil sinks contain a black or green residue. The residue is a mixture of brass powder and old oil. When the residue is visible it is a sure sign your clock needs a re-bushing.

We recommend a clock oiling be performed every two years. Having your grandfather clock oiled regularly helps make certain it will last for future generations.

How to oil a grandfather clock

Grandfather Clocks we have repaired

Service Area most of Southern California

Want to know what time it is but after glancing up at your grandfather clock you remember it has stopped working? Even though your clock is technically correct twice a day, we can make it correct every minute of every day.

We specialize in grandfather clock repairs, overhauls, and preventative maintenance on all types of grandfather clocks. Give us a call and we will advise you of your options. We are centrally located in Orange County in beautiful Southern California.

We offer house calls at your convenience in the daytime and early evening hours. If we cannot repair your grandfather clock on site, we will transport your clock movement back to our workshop.

Grandfather clock repair is a full time business for my family, and we have been in business at this location for eleven years. Don't be fooled into thinking the cheapest price is the best. Clock movements are complex delicate machines and experience does make a difference.

Grandfather clocks, which are also referred to as Longcase or Tallcase clocks, are not only a way of telling time, but also a work of art, a piece of furniture, and the heartbeat of your home. After repairing your clock we always take time to educate you how to perform preventive maintenance to ensure your grandfather clock keeps good time.

Overhauling a grandfather clock requires taking the movement apart, repairing any worn bearings, polishing the pivots, cleaning all the partsĀ in an ultrasonic cleaner, rebuilding the movement, and finally oiling the movement. After performing a clock movement overhaul your clock is tested for two weeks in our workshop and adjusted as needed.

11 Step Antique Grandfather Clock Overhaul Process

A leading indicator that your grandfather clock is in need of an overhaul, and not just a minor clock repair, is when the oil point contains black or green residue. This residue is a mixture of old oil and brass powder, which is a sure sign your clock needs re bushing. All clock movements we overhaul go through an 11-Step process to ensure all problems get addressed. After an overhaul, your clock will keep more accurate time, ensuring you only have to make minor time adjustments every wind cycle.

Grandfather clock movements overhauled by us are subjected to the following 11-Step process:

  1. Remove your grandfather clock's movement from the case.
  2. Inspect the movement for signs of wear.
  3. Document all problems and the overall condition of your clock.
  4. Fully disassemble the movement.
  5. Clean individual movement parts in an Ultrasonic cleaner using a specialized clock repair cleaning solution.
  6. Dress and diamond polish all pivots.
  7. Perform all clock repairs and re-bushings.
  8. Individually test the gear trains.
  9. Assemble the movement, perform an oiling, and make all necessary adjustments.
  10. Run the movement for 48 hours, in a testing stand while being monitored by a computerized timing device, making the necessary timing adjustments as necessary.
  11. Mount the movement back in the case and run your fully assembled grandfather clock for one week.