Grandfather Clock

Family Run Clock Repair Business

We are a a small family run business and have been living in Orange County California for the last twenty-five years. Linda and I have a passion for antique grandfather clocks and have turned that passion into a full time clock repair business.

Our business has been so successful that we are able to specialize in performing antique grandfather clock repair. We have a clock repair workshop that is full of specialized industry tools that allows us to fabricate any clock part.

Tony Graduated Kitson College Leeds in 1974 and has been working as an engineering professional ever since. We can provide preventive maintenance, overhauls, and clock case restorations.

We have a fully equipped workshop which allows us to make or acquire any part your clock needs. Linda are I are originally from Halifax, a small town in Yorkshire, England and have been married since 1975.

Clock Repair Experts

Tony Baker